alright... uh lemme start this by saying im pretty sure im the only christian on this server, at least so it seems, so i kind of hide my faith simply because i know people dont want to here a bunch of rambling of scriptures, and i know i dont leave the impression that i do believe in God, since i swear like a sailor at times, but no one is ever a "perfect christian" and im trying to work on watching my mouth... i just copied and pasted this from my facebook that i just posted

i strongly encourage you to read with an open mind if do read it, i wont be offended if you say something contrary to this, or if you dont say anything at all, i feel like its something that just needs to be heard

craziest thing ever happened to me today... and let me tell you, that this is not exaggerated in any shape or form. let me start out by saying i know probably 50% of my facebook friends are atheists, maybe 25% agnostics, and 25% christian/catholic... i get a text message every day from my cousin from oklahoma that has 2 bible verses, the first one doesnt really have a pattern and the 2nd one is always from Proverbs... well i was running on the treadmill at the gym and i was looking for the right song to run to, so i was skipping around on shuffle mode and i got my daily bible verse text, the song stopped on For Today - Agape, which i would have skipped because i pressed on the screen, but the text message got in the way so i couldnt change it, and whenever i get this text, no matter what im doing, i stop, read, and meditate on the message... todays 1st passage was Matthew 22:37 "Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind." right when i read that i felt like i just got a surge of emotions, like i just got hit with lightning... in the song For Today - Agape, the ending break down goes like this "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all mind, all your strength" and they repeat this like 4 time. some people can say, "o thats just a coincidence that the verse relates to the song you stopped on" no, its not... its definitely not, let me go over why its not, my workout play list consists of 82 songs... 1/82 1.22% chance this song comes on when im browsing... ok... now my cousin texts me anywhere from 10 am - as late as 5 pm, 7 hours x 60 minutes = 420... 1/420 = .24%... ok that slims it immensely, but here comes the back breaker... there are 31,103 verses in the bible... seriously... 1/31,103 = .003215% chance of that happening... 1.22%, .24%, and .003215% all these occurring at the same exact time is absolutely impossible in my mind... what im trying to get at is people need to open there eyes and see these signs, non believers probably think im crazy, but this is not purely coincidence, i cant even fathom how people can deny that there is a God. if you actually took the time to read all of this, please post or at least like. Thank you.