Thursday, September 26, 2013

2nd & 3rd Day

Belated entries for the last 2 days (mostly cause I was too tired once I got home to write anything!). 2nd Day Impressions: At last, I am back to drinking Red Bull. Only one per day but its like meeting an old friend. Back in 2011, I used to have 1-2/day at the Crittenden campus. Ahh the prodigal son returns...! What else, oh, I met a few acquaintances also from 2011. It's nice to see some familiar faces on the new job. 3rd Day Impressions: Oh Lord! Someone took the last Red Bull. The Googler I bumped into at the break room noticed my sound of anguish. His advice was to grab one early (and stash it!). His words, not mine but advice I may readily follow in order to get my daily dose of RB. Today I had the distinct pleasure to "shadow" one of the STO CSRs for an hour as part of my training to familiarize myself with Adwords (again) and the job itself. The gentleman I was paired up with was courteous, knowledgeable and professional on the phone during the entire hour I observed him. If he is typical of the average Google CSR than Google has some of the best CSR in the industry! Like other support centers in the industry, the majority of calls is not so much as fixing issues but being part counselor-engineer-yellow-pages to every caller. It's a high stress but satisfactory job when you resolved the customer's issues. That's it for now. Will update for today's impressions tonight! jp

Monday, September 23, 2013

Starting up my personal Blog!

With the start of my new job at Google, I've decided to keep a daily journal of what its like to work at Google. To give some background details of my job, I have to start with my last contract at Google. In 2011, I was fortunate to work on the SBS (SMB now) Verticalization Project. In a nutshell, the group I was assigned to gather the existing Google Adwords Small Business Sales customer data which was organized for accuracy. The reason was two fold: (1) gauge how accurate the data and demographics of the SBS Adwords customers' (2) Make this data available to the Adwords Sales team in order maximize the ROI when contacting their respective SBS customer. Fast forward to 2013. With my previous Adwords experience, my recruiter thought I would an ideal candidate for an opening with Google's Adwords Community. After several interviews, I was the candidate who did get the position. After having survived my first day today as newest member of the Adwords Community forum, I feel confident that this is the right career path for me! I also have to make a note of my first impression of my new team. Everyone I met in the team was super friendly especially as I am {excuse my gaming terminology) the FNG. Having said that, everyone one of them reminds of the last team I worked with in 2011. They are extremely talented, confident individuals. One of the great things about Google is they really do hire the best and the brightest. I feel honored that I get a second opportunity to work in such a great environment. More to come tomorrow...! jp