Monday, February 2, 2015

PyleAudio's PLWB2030 Review

So this is my first post for 2015. I recently bought a PyleAudio PLWB2030 Illuminated LED Writing Board (I call it a "3D Wipe Board") during the holidays. Since my team recently moved locations from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor, this was an opportunity to decorate our area. Like other Google Teams, our cubes usually have a theme. Since our team is fairly new, we've been brainstorming a theme. The one that has the most votes right now is a "star bar", a la "Star Wars". I thought my 3D Wipe board would be the perfect illuminated sign for our cubicle entrance. Its been week 3 or 4 but so far the wipe board has been a huge success. It really motivates our team to try something new if not on a daily basis at least on a weekly basis. It's also had the unintended effect of drawing attention from other Googlers'. I've 3 separate Googlers ask me where I bought it 'cause they want to get one for their own team or personal use. This item has by far been a great tool for getting my team to express ideas, thoughts and feeling. The verdict? It's a fun tool that anyone can use to spice up their office or home. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants an affordable, fun tool. -jp P.S. Here's some photos showing the wipe board in the office.