Thursday, August 20, 2015

unusual dream the other night

This isn't my usual post but I had an interesting dream that I wanted to save before I forgot it all. The other night my alarm on my smartphone went off at 5:55am which I normally wake up around that time to make it to work at 7am. However that morning I let the alarm snooze [indefinitely] because I was more tired than usual. I lapsed back into sleep and shortly thereafter a dream. In my dream, I was at work trying to fix my Nexus 7 tablet. There was a problem with one of the apps that kept on making the same game noise over and over. Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep...! At first, I tried uninstalling the app. That didn't work. Next I checked all my audio settings on my tablet. Nope, no dice. After several more tries including a reset, that damn app noise kept on playing over and over. Finally, in my dream, in a moment frustration I threw my tablet on the floor. Of course, it broken into many pieces but that damn noise was still playing! In utter desperation, I found the wired cable to the speakers. A-ha, I thought, now I can get rid of this noise completely. LOL. It was not to be. Despite being disconnected from the power supply and the speaker, that noise was still there.

In a moment of pure clarity in my dream and juxtaposing into reality, I realized it was my snooze alarm still going off in the real world. It's funny how the brain will take a noise and turn it into a completely different context in a dream state. I wonder how Freudian would have interpreted my dream. 8)


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Latest Portraits Photos

Hi fans,

This is my latest batch of Headshot portraits from my photo shoot this week. For this shoot, I was using a male model by the cool name of Alhom. These shots kind of remind of the portfolio headshots that professional models and entertainers use for casting calls. Fortunately Alhom has that boy band look which at 19 years old is probably the reason!

For shooting information, I used my Nikon D300 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens shooting at Aperture Priority 1.8. This allowed me to take advantage of the blurring and bokeh effect you see in the photos.

Hopefully y'all will enjoy them...!