Thursday, September 3, 2015

Final set of photos from Shamim photo shoot

I posted some of the edited photos from my photo shoot with Shamim in late July. What I did mention was that in the last 30 minutes of the shoot, I accidentally formatted my memory card on my Nikon D-SLR whereas I wanted to delete some of the photos I had just taken. I spent the last 30 minutes taking as many photos as I could in the remaining time. While those photos turned out well, I was really annoyed at myself for losing the earlier ones. Fast forward to a conversation I had with my friend Ian about the accidental formatting of my memory card. As luck would have it, Ian's girlfriend has a really effective recovery software for accidental formatting of memory card. With nothing to lose, I gave that memory card to Ian last week. Fortunately he was able to salvage some but not all the formatted photos. Here's the results of those recovered photo images. I think Shamim will be happy I'm able to give her more photos for her model portfolio.