Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Since this is a new year for my blog, here's the latest photos I took at Yosemite last month

 This first photo is taken below Bridal Veil which is one of the most visited spots at Yosemite.
 This second one is a landscape view from the middle of the valley. About 30 minutes before this photos, it was snowing and overcast. In that short time, the overcast clouds cleared up and viola!, dramatic view.
 This is a landscape shot of the same view.
 Here the morning fog was dissipating as the sun started rising from the mountains.
My fellow photographer, Ian, and I decided to try one more stop at the main river before the part entrance. We had noticed snow covered rocks on the river earlier in the morning.
This last shot is simply a macro of the water drops from the melting snow and dew in the morning.