Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cool Websites for the day!

Comment: Photo and Video hosting

Clearly Lasik
Comment: Enter to win free Lasik surgery contest

Parature Chat
Comment: Communicate with customers via in-game, chat, etc

Method Factory
Comment: NET Web Content Management

ITT Night Vision 20/20
Comment: Night vision gear

Comment: Digital Signage

Lime Green
Comment: Biz helps setup a digital home or business using the latest audio & visual technology

Employ Test
Comment: Free Excel Skills Tests

Daily Entry

I just saw a MSNBC video about a new startup that has a photography technology that could revolution the camera the way digital cameras changed photography less than 20 years ago! Lytro's technology (which will come out on a retail digital camera in the near future) allows a user to change the focus on the picture after the image has been taken. One obvious advantage is that a photo with a blurry image can potentially be fixed. For any photographer this is amazing. For a professional photographer this could be a life saver! You can check out their website here


Here are some samples Lytro's living pictures. You can see more on Lytro's photo gallery on their website.


Daily Entry

I finished a senior photoshoot last Sunday. As usual my senior also brought along some friends for the shoot. Here's a few quick edited photos. I'm working on spicing up the other photos with some vibrant colors and some washed out backgrounds. I'll post them up in a day or so.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cool Websites for the day!

Dolphin Expeditions
Comment: Swim the Dolphins in the Bahamas

Comment: virtual expo software

Flying Toys
Comment: RC stuff, kites and more

Comment: Cool tech stuff for anyone who wants to learns the basics of technology

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Solar Website

I found this site while researching at work recently. Since I am a big Solar geek, I found the information interesting.



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cool Websites for the day!

Kits US
Comment: Robotics Kit

Comment: online e coupons

Comment: Buy/Sell your own art

Starting a Business
Comment: Info on how to start a company in California

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cool Websites for the day!

The Safety Award Store
Comment: Like it sounds

Comment: The ultimate custom Christmas tree store

Android Tablet Forum
Comment: Great site for finding out about 'droid tablets

Adobe Photoshop Elements Techniques
Comment: free sample

Tour West
Comment: Grand Canyon and other adventure vacation website

Daily Entry

I went to Metcalf Shooting range with a couple friends last Sunday. I couldn't upload the files because I left them on my work laptop yesterday. So I'm posting them today. What was really cool is that I was finally able to fire my Smith & Wesson MP-15 .22LR rifle since I purchased it last summer. Although Jason, Sandy or I couldn't hit the paper target at 25 yards initially, I finally figured out that the red-dot after market sight I had added to the rifle was not sighted. So I took it out and replaced it with the original iron sights that came with the rifle. After that we all hit the target pretty much in the center. Both Jason and Sandy said they had a good time. It must be true since we spent over 3 hours shooting on sunday. 8)

P.S. I'm posting photos of Jason and Sandy but none of me since I was taking the photos and also instructing the two on how to shoot safely. Hopefully the next time we go, I can get someone to take photos of my awesome shooting skills. lol


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cool Websites for the day!

Here's the cool websites from Thurs & Fri. I forgot to post them since I got home late Friday night. I was playing local host to Edwin, my friend from Ireland who is visiting the bay area this week.

Military Patches
Comments: If you need a military patch, this is the site

Checkbox Survey
Comments: Software that allows you to do surveys for all MS Platforms

Comments: Robin Williams does impressions 1 1/2 minutes

Comments: Website for cases

Magazine Pricesearch
Comment: good search engine for magazines

Ink Gard
Comment: Environmental Saving Ink

AlphaTrust Electronic Signature
Comment: e-signature

Comment: Korean TV with sub-titles (i.e. like Hulu)

How Life Works
Comment: Cool resource website


Daily Entry

My friend Glen met someone who has an interesting website called the Parent Directory. If your a parent (especially with a new baby), you may want to check it out.



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daily Entry

I'm taking advantage of all the extra activities at work (free gym, guest speakers, sports activities) especially Toastmasters! I attended a Toastmaster session in Milpitas last December. So it piqued my curiosity what it would be like at one of the 2 Toastmaster clubs at work. My first impression is majority of the attendees are already good at public speaking. I'm a little intimidated but I do plan on going back next week. In the meantime, I did meet a nice chap named Joel who was offered some friendly information about this particular club. In fact, I also made the acquittance of two other people once during a break and the other at the gym on my campus. For the record, Rachel is the name of the girl I met on my break and Ashley is the girl whom I had a discussion about my B&N Nook at the gym.

Although its only the middle of third week, I am already starting to feel like a regular at work. When things are more settled, I'll start posting photos or videos from work.


Cool Websites for the day!

How To Draw A Portrait
Comments: Great for budding artists

Integrating Social Media
Comments: Social Media resource

Candy Crate
Comments: If you have a sweet tooth, this is the website for you!

The Carder Method
Comment: Painting method

Best Discovery
Comment: Good site for finding products

Code Baby
Comment: Web avatar

Schedule Cafe
Comment: web based scheduler with free version up to 5 employees

Comment: Site that lets you sell your photos

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cool Websites for the day!

Architecture design
Comments: Some of the best home photos I've seen!

Youth Ministry Zone
Comments: Nice site for young people interested in youth ministry

World 3D lenticular printing
Comments: cool printed product

Uncle Jim's Worm Farm
Comments: There Worms what more can I say....

Stock Music site
Comments: Way to make revenue selling your music

Fix Your Traffic Ticket
Comments: Nice

Comments: Turn your ideas to real models

Solar Power Products
Comments: Solar power stuff

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cool Websites for the day!

Description: Camping Gear
Comments: I'm a big fan of REI which this site reminds of. The price is actually nice especially if you don't have a local REI to visit!

Description: Camera, Video and Stuff
Comments: Again, I'm a tech head. When I see cameras and video gear, its like being a kid who just walked into a new toy store. 'nuff said!

Description: Make your own mobile app
Comments: As a social media user, I'm always looking for features that will draw visitors to my website and blog. Having your own mobile app can only get you attention. 8)

Description: Spray Seal
Comments: Ok admittedly I am not the most handy person in the house but with this Spray Seal, you don't need to be a Bob Villa to fix a leak and stuff.

Description: Ad revenue website
Comments: Who doesn't want to make money from their website?!


New Feature

So part of what I do every day is reviewing business websites. I've noticed in the last few weeks, I've found very interesting and useful websites. This is in regards to my personal taste as well as useful to anybody. With that being said, I have decided to post these websites every day. Some are techie, some practical and most just downright cool. Let me know what you think.