Thursday, August 20, 2015

unusual dream the other night

This isn't my usual post but I had an interesting dream that I wanted to save before I forgot it all. The other night my alarm on my smartphone went off at 5:55am which I normally wake up around that time to make it to work at 7am. However that morning I let the alarm snooze [indefinitely] because I was more tired than usual. I lapsed back into sleep and shortly thereafter a dream. In my dream, I was at work trying to fix my Nexus 7 tablet. There was a problem with one of the apps that kept on making the same game noise over and over. Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep...! At first, I tried uninstalling the app. That didn't work. Next I checked all my audio settings on my tablet. Nope, no dice. After several more tries including a reset, that damn app noise kept on playing over and over. Finally, in my dream, in a moment frustration I threw my tablet on the floor. Of course, it broken into many pieces but that damn noise was still playing! In utter desperation, I found the wired cable to the speakers. A-ha, I thought, now I can get rid of this noise completely. LOL. It was not to be. Despite being disconnected from the power supply and the speaker, that noise was still there.

In a moment of pure clarity in my dream and juxtaposing into reality, I realized it was my snooze alarm still going off in the real world. It's funny how the brain will take a noise and turn it into a completely different context in a dream state. I wonder how Freudian would have interpreted my dream. 8)


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